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It's a Hike with a Microdose!

The Church of Sacred Synthesis in collaboration with the Tampa Bay Psychedelic Society, is inviting all to ceremonially experience a legal microdose of psilomethoxin to grow closer with nature and our community while hiking through the many beautiful parks of central Florida. The only cost to attend is the open-mindedness to share experiences and learn from each other on these community bonding excursions. Although perhaps you should pay the nice rangers their park fee at the entrance. The weekly Hikrodose location and time will be updated on the calendar to the right as well as posted on the facebook group linked below. We aim to cover all of central Florida's park one by one, and strongly encourage carpooling. To help with carpools, we made a comment box below to post the town you are coming from before a hike- reply to comments nearby to set up a meeting point, and don't forget to check back often.

Upcoming Hikes
These hikes will always be free and open to all, members or not! We want you to try a microdose of the sacrament for yourself!
Church of the Sacred Synthesis

Greg Lake, Ian Benouis, and Benjamin Moore are the visionaries behind the paradigm shifting church embodying the right to religious freedom today for psychedelic medicine. Their efforts allow the Church of the Sacred Synthesis to share the sacrament of psilomethoxin with its members in a community of acceptance, spirituality, and personal growth. Members call the community life changing- whether its the yoga or breathwork classes, mindfulness meditations or bookclub, the infamous veterans circle or engaging science Saturdays, everyone agrees that the several free integration sessions offered every week to every member is the real life changer. Church membership is only $11.11 a month, which does so much more than open access to the sacrament. Integration alone often costs over a hundred dollars to schedule privately, yet it is a critical part of the healing process. The church was founded around a uniquely healing medicine, and has always been committed to support the community through each step of the personal journey. Members with resistant depression or anxiety, cognitive and inflammatory issues that turned to the sacrament claim to never want to go back to anything else. Now that the sacrament is available in gummy and chocolate form, members more often report just how pleasant yet medicinal microdosing psilomethoxin can be. The sacrament focuses on growth and healing- combining the psychedelic creativity, energy, thought patterns, feelings, ideas, and introspection that would be expected but without any external distortions or visuals. 

Open to All

Communing in nature with a small bit of sacrament is the best introduction to this gentle medicine. Every hike is free and open to anyone. The sacrament is a medicine that every person deserves a chance to experience without any barriers- this is our way of sharing it with the world. Don't forget to join the church if the medicine helped you here

The Sacrament

We encourage members to have a microdosing routine of the sacrament for the best results, which we call psilomethoxin. It is a new, safe, and legal natural medicine born out of the mushroom's natural processing of sacred bufo within. It often is described as an edible relative of 5-meo-dmt, as the mushroom imbued the god molecule's spirit into psilocybin as the sacrament.

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